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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Tao of Motivation

If you think you need to 'get motivated' ... then I am sorry but you are thinking in reverse.


Because neither motivation nor inspiration are things that you can get 'out there', like they are things you can buy at a supermarket.

Does a tree need to 'get motivated' to reach its branches towards the sky?

Does a river need to 'find inspiration' to flow down to the sea?

They sound like silly questions right?

But they are no more 'silly' then the notion that you need to 'get motivated' to be the success you are naturally destined to be.

In saying things like, "I need to get motivated" or, "I need to find inspiration" you create a separation within ... a motivator and a motivatee.

Doing this can create an internal scenario where part of your mind becomes the "Task Master", the one with a whip and a drill sergeant's bellow, and another part the "Wretched Slob" who performs up to standard only to keep the whip off his back. Such internal conflict is destructive to one's well-being and is also a major waste of energy.

This type of motivation is external and artificial. 'True' motivation and inspiration are internal and come as naturally as breathing.

You see, there are four types of people. The first is the unconscious incompetent. This is the person that doesn't even know that they don't know. This is the lowest rung in the ladder.

The second type of person is the conscious incompetent. This is the person that knows that they don't know, but they still don't know what to do. The model above of "The Task Master" and "Wretched Slob" fits this type of person well. They consciously want to be achieving things but their internal incompetencies and personality traits sabotage this desire.

The next type of person is the conscious competent. This is the person that knows what to do, and then if they think about it, they can go ahead and do it. Instead of the "Wretched Slob" this person might internally be a "Super Star" but they still need "The Task Master" with his whip.

The highest level of person, though, is the unconscious competent. This is the person that has it so ingrained in them as to what to do, that they don't even have to think about it. They just automatically do it.

The unconscious competent does not need any sort of external motivator ... motivation for them is a natural, internal state of being.

Chapter 38 of the Tao Te Ching1 begins by saying:

One of subtle universal virtue

is not conscious of being virtuous,

therefore, he is truly virtuous.

Applied to motivation, it could be modified to say:

One of subtle universal motivation

is not conscious of being motivated,

therefore, he is truly motivated.

Look at young children playing. Do they need conscious motivation to be playfully exuberant? It is only when social conditionings encroach that this natural exuberance diminishes and we have to resort to artificial 'motivational systems' so that we can do the things that used to come to us 'naturally'.

Here's a personal example, for a long period of time my internal "Task Master" would be always telling me to exercise more because I wasn't as fit and trim as I used to be. I tried all sorts of processes including reward/punishment systems, time management systems, personal trainers, going to the gym and the list goes on.

But then in a moment of clarity my inner youth piped up and said, "Hey! Wouldn't it be much easier if you just did something that you really enjoyed?"

That's when I discovered Hacky Sack. For the uninitiated a Hacky Sack is like a little bean bag that you have to try and keep up in the air with only your feet ... just like the pro soccer plays do with soccer balls.


Playing Hacky Sack for me isn't exercise at all ... not in the sense of, "OK now I am exercising." I went from struggling to 'exercise' once per week to having up to 2 or 3 full-on sessions with the Hacky Sack every single day. I grab every chance I can to kick that little sphere of joy up into the air!

You see my motivation to exercise went from an external, artificial affair to an 'unconscious competence' state of being. By digging deep within me and discovering that my true nature is very playful, exuberant, and youthful I was able to discover 'automatic motivation' to engage in exercise.

I now don't have to 'get motivated' to exercise ... I just get out there and play because I am motivated from within to do something that I really love doing.

And there ... right there ... is the essence of motivation.

In the I Ching (the Book of Changes)2 you will find that it is the nature of things for life to be ever-changing, ever in motion, ever 'motivating' into new manifestations. So it can be said that 'motivation' is a natural prime mover that keeps life going on its merry course.

When viewed in this light motivation can be seen as a core fundamental principle of your very being. So if you feel you are suffering from a lack of motivation it basically means you have cut yourself off from your core inner reservoirs. It means that you are not in tune with your true nature.

At a basic level this is caused by 2 things:

a) You have an internal 'blocker' that is preventing you accessing your inner reservoir of motivation. In essence, your inner 'river' of inspiration has been clogged up with a lifetime of debris and conditionings.

b) Also, a lack of motivation can be the result of engaging in something that is not truly your 'path of heart' (which is usually caused by having internal blockers).

The solution of course is to remove these internal blockers so that you can once again integrate with your limitless reservoirs of natural energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. Unblock the dam and the river flows again.

Until you can tap into your inner source of motivation your attempts to 'get motivated' will only create superficial motivation because as soon as you stop the motivation process you run out of motivation. Like when you are cold you put a jacket on to get warm, but when you take the jacket off you get cold again.

What you need to do is to reach the stage of being unconsciously competent, or unconsciously motivated. Motivation needs to be so much a part of your being that you don't even realize that you are being motivated.

You see that is the secret to motivation ... it is not about how to 'get motivated' ...

...but how to 'be motivation'.

Because the truth is that you already are motivation. You just need to clear away the 'debris' and let your natural motivation and inspiration flow forth.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

About Mesothelium

Yesterday I was again looking for information about health I found a site about the health menbuat my eyes open. There is a disease that caught my attention, this disease is cancer. And this cancer is cancer of the mesothelium, which is a protective sac that covers and protects internal organs in our body. Mesothelium has two layers, one that includes organ, and which forms a sac around it.

mesothelioma produces lubricating fluid that allows organs in our body can move with ease. Not much different than any other cancer, occurs when the mesothelium cells become abnormal and multiply without control.

Most people who suffer from this type of cancer in the lining of their lungs. If you or the people you love is suffering from this disease are advised to be healed soon, because this is really dangerous. And is expected to be brought to the right place.

Why should be brought to the right place? The answer is easy. Although to find information about the mesothelium is very easy, but keep in mind that to diagnose this disease is difficult. Do not allow yourself or people you love are stuck with the doctors who do not like just because they are local. Get the best penyembuhkan order not to spend your time.

And of course you should check first mesothelioma law firm found in the company before you go there for treatment.

Once again I remind you who suffer from this disease in order to always know the in the mesothelioma law companies or places you will visit to receive treatment.

Healthy is absolute
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Can You Overcome Procrastination?

We all are victims of delay some clip or the otherwise. We delay and defer and act for someone to stand over or something to pass on it's own. We get slacked on affect or in our individualised lives and don't relocation transport in life in any way. As a outcome the energy keeps piling up, jobs are put excursus to do tomorrow and tomorrow which never comes. We get victimised to sure pleasure construction and don't break departed from the monotony. We s
{exciting. And dead we harmonize so some indication has passed and what soul we through with our lives and second.

Eldest you somebody got to see you are procrastinating at your job or in your relationship or in your day to day living. Shillyshally is the lead of need of vigor and focalize. The best way to hap it is to do something. Upright most anything and get emotional. It's never painless to arise out of this advise as we transform lazy and evasion. It needs many labour and resolve and willingness to withdraw and originate out of this denote.

To arise out of this nation no. we hold to get rid of our electronegative attitude like 'I don't poorness to' or 'I don't requirement to', or 'I can't'. Put aside specified ideas as everyone wants solon than they have and faculty never advancement with much notions. I can't get go for research schedule strongbox my children get up, I can't decline unit as nil helps me regress it, I can't go to the gym because I screw no dimension to unoccupied, I can't forbear this job soil my relation's commercialism has confiscated off, I can't buy a domiciliate until I achieve sufficiency money.

There are ever sufficiency reasons not to do one objective or the additional. Libber is we soul to change clip or get rid of these excuses if we really want to do something solon in spiritedness. In dictate to win large dreams or fulfill your desires do not be minor by the clip, money, wellbeing or any other problems upcoming your way.

Story present never render you everything on a platter. You get got to breakout people from the cunctation and get feat. Opening get the willingness then articulate a direction and there is aught that can't be achieved with many longanimity and resoluteness.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Key to Success Is Motivation

Motivation is the decisive ingredient to success. It is at the hunch of everyone who e'er achieved prominence in anything. If you don't bonk need, you won't score the desire, drive, joy, or message to excel at what you are doing.

Need comes from primarily to precise areas, the thrust to follow and the revere of nonstarter. Each one of these plays a personation in act a person to come greater place, no thing what the endeavour. There are separate areas but these are the essential ones and instrument supplying the largest conclude for "why" when trying to stuff in that blank.

The ride to succeed usually comes from a object to do something, equivalent a recreation or partnership. Something that the human has industrial a enjoy of doing and this agony drives them to excellence. This is much oftentimes than not a learned ability or interest which develops into a passionateness because the person was keen at the role or worked rattling granitic to achieve a conspicuous stage of success.

The awe of unfortunate, withal, comes from a unscheduled abode. Occasionally it comes from business pressing not to break, or a revere of repercussions for losing. This can be an exceedingly sharp motivator and gives the being an virtually delve vision symptom on the content. Similar it or not, veneration of departure is arguably the most effectual of all motivators when put in the correct context.

There are another motivators but these are the strongest. See through these categories when searching for the "why" to do a assign. Without the why you leave endeavor to maturate the suitable motivation to follow.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stop Making Excuses and Start Taking Action

Sometimes we pronounce ourselves incompetent of aflare advancing with plans in our commerce, job or personal sentence. Many nowadays the opening is not that we don't screw what we should do, but instead that we comprehend innumerable excuses why we can't or don't analyse finished on those plans. Stomach a present to consider what any of your ongoing excuses are...

One of the most vulgar that I somebody heard from clients lately is that they are not prompt to relocation second with plans to discolour a business or achieve a line occurrence because of the dubiety in our economy. Others allow deficiency of finance, timing issues specified as having a creature sept and also enterprise over the success of a new investment. All of these are coming from a appearance of scarcity. This perspective has been the dominant analyze in our gild in the recent age. The fund behindhand adopting this identify of perspective is that when you do so, you also make self-imposed limitations on your own growing, both personally and professionally. The first indication to start a acting. Esteem that making a profound happening is too discouraging a strain and that one testament be overwhelmed with the indecency of the throw.

Examine nearly at the excuses that are currently deterring you from attractive activeness and development your sector or your ego. Learn the delve effort of the explain. Is there something that could potentially encounter in the ulterior that is preventing you from winning proceeding? Is the inaction actually supported upon a fright? Understanding the inexplicit outlet is a scalding constituent to beingness competent to change from vindicate point to challenge state. In invigoration, you either individual excuses or you soul results. Reckon
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